Smithsonian Channel announced Monday at Mipcom four original non-fiction series which will launch on the network in the coming year.

Premiering in the first quarter of 2019, “America’s Hidden Stories” will look to give the cold case treatment to iconic moments in history, going through old records, implementing new technologies and tracking down eye-witness testimony in an effort to resolve age-old mysteries or to alter the way some historic events are perceived. Series is produced by Lone Wolf Media.

Another Q1 release, “Disasters at Sea,” is from Exploration Production Inc. in association with Smithsonian Network and Discovery Channel Canada. This series will also look to explain the past, although more recent in this case. Featuring interviews, archived footage and reenactments, the series will unspool what happened during a number of naval catastrophes in the past half-century.

Produced by the network, “Apollo’s Moon Shot” will launch in Q2 of 2019. The series takes a holistic approach to examining the Apollo missions from the first manned orbit through the moon landing. It kicks off with JFK’s ambitious challenge to land a man on the moon and finishes as Gene Cernan became the last man to blast off from its surface.

And finally “Inside Mighty Machines,” another Q2 launch, will look deep inside some of the world’s greatest machines. The series is helmed by former NASA engineer Chad Zdenek whose team will disassemble some of mankind’s greatest achievements in engineering down to their component parts. Series is produced by 360 Production Ltd.