Best known for its Sitges Pitchbox, Filmarket Hub has also emerged as a live event/digital driver for the drama series business in Spain.

Last December’s Madrid TV Pitchbox helped TV projects gain visibility in front of a group of executives at high-profile TV companies.

For Pep Jové’s internet comedy series “Streisand Effect,” set up at Barcelona’s Compacto, “the event marked a before and after,” says producer Aritz Cirbián.

A few months later at the second Conecta Fiction co-production forum, “Streisand” earned a development contract from RTVE’s digital platform Playz.

Frank Lucas’ youth drama “WV$P,” the descent into hell for a rich teenager teaming with a street dance gang, was another standout title at Madrid.

“It allowed us to meet one-on-one with executives at main TV platforms and get feedback,” says producer Gerard Rodríguez at Japonica Films. “We are in serious talks with two of them.”

“Pitchbox events often serve as a reinforcement that makes projects grow,” says Filmarket Hub Co-Founder Bernardo Gómez.

“Understanding what the market is looking for and how the proposal fits in is key,” Cirbián says.

Online platform Filmarket Hub also hosts TV drama projects in the Barcelona Film & TV Market, focused on the Catalan industry.

“Videos a Cora,” about a millennial couple facing unexpected pregnancy, was one of the TV highlights. Created by Jorge Yúdice, “Cora” caught the interest of Endemol Shine Iberia’s Diagonal TV, which is developing the project.

“Many TV players bet on highly consolidated talent, often with an excellent film career, but there is an ocean of emerging TV talent,” Gómez says.

Given the global TV fiction fever and increase of filmmakers focusing on TV drama, the call for TV series projects for the next Pitchbox looks even stronger: about 200 project submissions.

There are growing alliances between OTTs and TV operators and co-production in the current TV drama sector, Gómez says.

“TV series can also find their production formula allowing more financing resources and greater distribution,” he says.

Organizers are interested in opening the next Madrid edition to key short series platforms, aimed to create a secondary industrial fabric to bring visibility to lower-budget or experimental TV projects.

One of Filmarket Hub objectives is to spotlight the emerging talent wherever it is. That’s why the company wants to consolidate as an international platform. A Sept. 28 incursion abroad was the first London TV Pitchbox, teamed with Raindance Film Festival.

But Filmarket Hub is eyeing further territories in Europe and especially Latin America, where TV drama production is growing spectacularly in terms of quantity and quality, Gómez says. Mexico looks a priority as its Latino TV meeting point.