Gaumont’s animated comedy “Bionic Max” has been greenlit by France’s Gulli, the kids entertainment channel owned by Lagardere.

Created by Gaumont’s Thomas Digard and Manu Klotz, “Bionic Max” is a buddy comedy between two very different but lovable friends: Max, the first and only prototype for a bionic guinea pig born in a laboratory, and his best friend Jean-Claude, a goldfish. The 2D animated series, which skews kids from 6 to 11 years old, follows their adventures as express delivery boys in the middle of Central Park.

“We have been developing ‘Bionic Max’ with Gulli for several months now, and are incredibly excited that we can move forward with the production of this series that is full of high-energy and slapstick fun,” said Nicolas Atlan, the president of animation and family at Gaumont, who announced the deal with Caroline Cochaux, the managing director of Lagardère Active TV and CEO of Gulli.

“Max and Jean-Claude consistently end up in absurd and hysterical situations, and kids everywhere will escape into the chaotic madness, laugh out loud, and do what kids should do – have fun!,” added Atlan.

The executive said Gaumont is finalizing negotiations with new partners and hoptes to start production at the end of 2018 or early 2019.

Cochaux said “This type of cartoon succeeds brilliantly on Gulli, all the family enjoys it! Bionic Max glorifies values such as freedom, solidarity, and enthusiasm through the clumsy adventures of JC and his friend Max… a bionic guinea pig.”

Gaumont’s current slate boasts several upscale animated projects. The company recently announced a collaboration with Amazon Studios on the production “Do, Re & Mi,” the animated lyrical series featuring original tracks performed by executive producers and creators Kristen Bell (“Frozen”) and Jackie Tohn (“Glow”).