ElTrece, Pol-ka, Cablevision Ally With Oficina Burman, Mediapro on Presidential Race Thriller (EXCLUSIVE)

The brand new drama series marks a milestone collaboration between Latin America and Europe

ElTrece, Pol-ka, Cablevision Set Drama with

CANNES — Two of the power axes on the new worldwide TV production scene, Argentina’s ElTrece, Pol-ka, Cablevision on one hand and Mediapro Group-Oficina Burman on the other, have pacted to produce together a brand new dram series, scheduled to air from 2019.

The series turns on the campaign of a man who runs for the presidency of his country. Humberto Ortega, who co-wrote with “La Casa de Papel’s” Alex Pina on series such as “El Barco” and “Los Serrano,” is writing the screenplay for the series.

“Dominated by imposture and pressures, both self conceived and external,” a press statement reads, the candidate will suffer deep transformation, discovering his true self, as his ambitions conflicts with traditional ethics. Corralled, seemingly facing inevitable defeat, or so his team thinks, he will find a way, however, to face up to adversity.

That solution will no doubt cast caustic comment on the way people climb to power in contemporary politics.

The co-production underscores the international ambitions to produce high-end international dramas of one of Argentina’ most powerful production alliances teaming Artear-ElTrece, one of Argentina’s two biggest broadcast networks, the Artear co-owned production house Pol-ka, and pay TV operator Cablevision, which is driving hard to power up its OTT service flow.

To do so, they have found a like-minded ally in Daniel Burman’s Oficina Burman and Mediapro, one of Europe’s biggest independent TV, film and sports rights companies, whose Javier Mendez Zori, head of content del grupo Mediapro, declared at Mipcom that the agreement “reenforces our global strategy to produce premium content with the best Spanish-speaking talent. With partners like ElTrece, Pol-ka and Cablevisión Flow, we believe we can tell great stories for a global market from a local point of view.”

“This series is an original, innovative content which will surprise,” said Adrián Suar, ElTrece director of programming and Pol-ka Producciones founder and artistic director. For ElTrece, ePol-ka and our partner Cablevisión Flow, it represents a large challenge which we will take on with the passion and commitment we put into al our projects.”

“In the framework of Flow’s co-production strategy, this alliance and the project we’re developing are highly important for Cablevision, creating more and better contents for our clients,” added Antonio Alvarez, Telecom director of programming.

Pol-ka produced Latin America’s first premium pay TV series, 2003’s “Epitafios,” for HBO Latin America. It re-teamed with HBO Latin America last year for “The Bronze Garden,” one of the U.S pay TV network’s finest achievements. Polka also backed Juan José Campenella’s Oscar nominated “Son of the Bride,” starring Ricardo Darín, a move which alerted world audiences to the virtues of Argentina’s now hallmark crossover movie production.

A producer on “The Young Pope,” the Mediapro Group is producing Amazon Prime Video’s first series in Spain, produced Netflix’s first series in Argentina, Daniel Burman’s “Edha,” and has a production alliance with Turner Latin America. At Mipcom, it has announced a new alliance, with Vice and its co-production of one of Disney’s two banner new Latin American series announced at Cannes’ Mipcom.