2nd Conecta Fiction, Spanish-Language TV Drama Forum, Runs June 18-21

Santiago-set International event adds series festival, this year toplined by Movistar+ originals

TV Drama Forum Conecta Fiction' 2nd
Conecta Fiction

Following its successful launch in 2017, Conecta Fiction, a pioneering co-production and networking event aimed at connecting the Spanish-language TV drama business in Europe, Latin America and the U.S has unveiled early details of its second edition.

In one significant development, Conecta Fiction 2, which takes place June 18-21, once more in Galicia’s Santiago de Compostela, North-West Spain, will see a higher-profile presence from Movistar+, giant telco Telefonica’s pay TV operator and one of event’s key partners.

Movistar+ has expanded its commitment with the forum backing Conecta Fiction Fest, a fiction series showcase seeking to link the industry to TV audiences, via TV drama screenings in Santiago, Galicia’s capital city.

The organizers of Conecta Fiction 2 will highlight two aspects with current great relevance for the TV contents industry anywhere: Branded content -and its growing importance in TV programming financing- and the ongoing erosion of young and not-so-young TV audiences.

Argentina was the inaugural edition’s guest country, meeting expectations with a powerful delegation of local executives, creators and authorities that explained on panels their sometimes pioneering strategies in Spanish-language TV fiction creation. The Argentine celebration also included world premieres of some of country’s most awaited TV dramas.

At the second edition, two countries, one from Latin America, other from Europe, will see their TV industries honored. Their identities will be unveiled shortly, according to Conecta Fiction director, Geraldine Gonard.

For its debut, Conecta Fiction Fest will showcase new Movistar+ original series.

Having launched to date its first four original productions -”Velvet Collection,” “The Plague,” “Shameless” and “The Zone”- the paybox aims to release by June four more titles: Cesc Gay’s Leonardo Sbaraglia-starrer “Félix,” filmmaker Mar Coll’s “Killing the Father,” Mariano Barroso’s drama “The Day of Tomorrow” and El Rubius’ anime “Virtual Hero.” One Fest’s focus will logically be on many of them.

Aiming to become a global player in TV drama production and distribution, Movistar+ plans to release at least 12 original series a year, also reaching the Latin American TV market via its recently unveiled channel and TV service, Movistar Series.

“TV fiction production is expeeriencing a moment of effervescence, especially in Spain. At Movistar+ we are seeking to boost the industry with a highly ambitious original series production plan,” Ismael Calleja, Movistar+ head of business affairs, series & movies original programming, said on Tuesday at a Conecta Fiction 2 presentation in Madrid.

“In a market where offer and competition are overwhelming, the search for projects which stand apart is key, both in Spain and abroad. Our productions’ launch into the international market also represents a major challenge for us,” he added.

Conecta Fiction2 turns around three fundamental axes, according to Gonard: “Online networking throughout the year, with the event serving as a connecting bridge on both sides of the Atlantic; the co-existence of English and Spanish-languages, as well as a special attention to talent, covering the needs for appropriate contacts among screenwriters, producers and potential co-producers from a project’s very start.”

Designed as a boutique Latin America-Europe drama TV co-production meeting, Conecta Fiction 2 will host a limited number of 500 TV professionals at Santiago’s Cidade da Cultura, where the three-day forum mainly takes place.

Its extensive program of professional activities, encompassing panels, case studies, workshops, series screenings and special events will see this year “a smaller number of conferences but of equal quality to the past edition,” said Gonard.

Like Movistar+, Spain’s national pubcaster RTVE has confirmed its continuing status of an event partner. Both companies, as they did last year, will select the winners of development prizes among 10 international co-production projects, plus a further six projects developed at the series lab of Spain’s Fundación SGAE, the General Society of Spanish Authors’ Foundation.

Series projects can be submited to conectafiction.com from Feb. 15 to April 16.

Conceived and created by Gonard’s company Inside Content, Conecta Fiction is promoted by Galicia’s Xunta government via its Axencia Galega das Industrias Culturais (Agadic), Spanish export board ICEX España Exportación e Inversiones and Fundación SGAE.