Hollywood composers Brad Breeck and Gabriel Hays have come on board to pen the soundtrack for TV series “Snow Queen: Gerda and the Keepers of Wonders.”

Breeck is best known for his work on Disney’s “Gravity Falls” and the “Voltron” series reboot for Dreamworks and Netflix. He was the composer for MTV’s “Awkward” and Cartoon Network’s “We Bare Bears.” For Nickelodeon he scored the series “Fanboy and Chumchum” and penned the theme for “Robot and Monster.”

Hays is most well-known for writing music for the Disney animated series “Star Darlings” and “Whisker Haven.” He has also composed for numerous other films, documentaries and TV shows, including Disney’s “Puppy Dog Pals” and “Pickle and Peanut,” “We Bare Bears” for Cartoon Network, PBS’s “Half the Sky” and “A Path Appears,” and “7 Deadly Sins” for Showtime.

The soundtrack for “Snow Queen” will combine pop and folk. “We pulled from our own experiences as songwriters to find the right tone and feeling [for the soundtrack],” Breeck said. “We aimed to include elements of adventure, mystery and magic,” Hays said.

The series is produced by Russia’s Wizart Animation Studio, which also produces the “Snow Queen” movie franchise, and is represented in international markets by Shelley Page. It was launched at Cartoon Forum in Toulouse, France, last month, and is due for delivery by the end of next year.

Wizart plans to make 52 episodes in 3D animation, with each episode running 11 minutes. The project is co-produced by Soyuzmultfilm Studio. The series is directed by Aleksey Zamyslov, who is also screenwriter along with Aleksey Tsitsilin and Vladimir Nikolaev. Producers for the project are Yuri Moskvin and Nikolaev.

The show has three main characters: Kai and Gerda, and Icy, the Snow Queen’s 5-year-old daughter, who didn’t appear in the movies. Each of the heroes has superpowers, which they use in their adventures to confront villains: Icy is able to freeze objects; Gerda has control over the North Wind; and Kai invents various kinds of machines and mechanisms.

Other characters include Alfida, a fearless pirate girl who leads her own team; Harald, an evil inventor who struggles for power and greatness using his battle robot that runs on olive oil; and Florida, a gardener who wants to create an army of plants with her magic, and turn the planet into a botanical garden.

Each episode is a complete adventure story in which the heroes not only overcome obstacles and fight with evil, but also set an example of kindness and honesty, and show how one should act in difficult situations. In each episode Icy learns how to live with friends and what she can or can’t do.