Disney Media Distribution Latin America (DMDLA) has unveiled two new original TV series projects, teaming with high-profile producers on the Latino TV drama scene.

“Cazadores de milagros,” a 13-episode TV series, co-produced by Disney with Spain’s Mediapro Group, Mexico’s BTF Media and Miami-based Somos Productions, will combine fiction and reality.

Partnering with Naím Media Group, Disney is co-developing “Americana,” a 10-episode series set in late 19th century Brazil.

Produced by BTF in Mexico, “Cazadores” focuses on a skeptical journalist who needs a scoop to save his career, a young and brilliant heiress of a media empire, and an enigmatic clairvoyant, torn between faith and necessity.

Their destinies cross on a unique mission that will force them to question their doubts and certainties about faith as they investigate real cases of potential miracles. Sometimes, this particular team will find a scientific explanation to them; on other occasions, reason falls short when explain events.

“Who doesn’t welcome extraordinary miracles? A fascinating, enriching and motivating issue for all human beings,” said Fernando Barbosa, SVP and general manager at DMDLA.

According to DMDLA production director, Leonardo Aranguibel, author of the original story, the TV drama “will surprise many for its captivating and original cocktail of fictional characters intertwined with real-life events.”

“The series represents a major step in Mediapro’s international content strategy, reinforcing our goal of creating quality fiction globally,” said Laura Fernández Espeso, director of international content at the Mediapro Group, the Spanish TV giant, co-producer of HBO’s TV series “The Young Pope.”

“It’s going to be an extraordinary series, where all audiences will be able to conerge, beyond their beliefs,” added Daniel Burman, head of content at Mediapro U.S..

“Cazadores” re-teams DMDLA with BTF and Somos, whose joint-credits take in late Mexican singer Juan Gabriel smash hit TV series “Hasta que te conocí.”

In a parallel announcement, DMDLA unveiled at Mipcom Tuesday the series “Americana,” which it is  co-developing alongside Naím Media Group, the Washington-based creators of “El Comandante,” the Sony Pictures TV bio-series about Venezuela’s Hugo Chávez.

Combining family drama with political thriller and mystery, period series “Americana” is inspired by real-life events. It is set after the end of the American Civil War, when the Emperor of Brazil invited thousands of defeated Southerners to his country, the last in hemisphere where slavery had not been abolished

The imperial court sends a women reporter to investigate a series of violent murders in the colony of exiled Confederates, in Sao Paulo’s rainforest, where dark secrets are unveiled amidst Brazil’s political turmoil.

“’Americana’ is a fascinating story, based on real life, but a story that is different and really unknown,” Barbosa said. “It connects Brazil and the U.S. in the framework of the universal debate about slavery,” Aranguibel added.

Andrés Naím, CEO of Naím Media Group, concluded: “It happens at a time when the world was changing very fast; in that, it looks a lot like the world of today.”