John Constantine (Matt Ryan) is returning to the Arrowverse once again, but this time he’ll be boarding the Waverider.

The cocky magician showed up in the “DC’s Legends of Tomorrow” midseason finale — just as the crew found themselves down two members — requesting their help. Constantine has a former relationship with Sara (Caity Lotz), whose soul he helped save back in the fourth season of “Arrow” after she was revived by the League of Assassin’s Lazarus Pit, and now he’s come to cash in his favor from her.

“He’s got his focus on helping to save this little girl — and by proxy might be able to help him redeem his soul,” Ryan tells Variety.

Ahead of the midseason premiere of “Legends of Tomorrow,” Ryan speaks with Variety about putting back on the trench coat, the reunion with Sara, and Constantine’s thoughts on time trael.

How was it putting back on the trench coat and becoming Constantine again?

It was really good fun! I really liked the script, and what they were doing with the character and how they were pairing him up with Sara. It was just such a great experience on that set and to put the trench coat on again.

When you appeared on “Arrow” two years ago, did you think you’d eventually end up on the other DC shows, too?

I thought that was it. I thought that it was nice, but it was probably the end of that character. Each step of this journey I’ve thought that and it keeps on surprising me. They keep bringing me back in all these different mediums and ways. It’s great because I love the character so much.


Constantine has never seemed like someone incredibly willing to reach out for help. Does him reaching out to the Legends indicate how dire his situation is?

Yeah, he’s a bit of a loner but at the same time he’ll do whatever is necessary to get the job in front of him done, which in turn might give him a chance of saving his own soul. If he needs to enlist the help of someone— even if it’s at the cost of their life or soul— he will do that. I’m not sure he’s afraid of seeking out help when he needs it, but he prefers to walk alone. There’s always that worry of something happening to somebody. There’s a weight on his shoulders from all the people he’s lost in the past.

How is his reunion with Sara?

John saved her soul so he has one over on her. What’s great about those two characters is that they’re both tortured souls so they already have something deeply in common, and John has a connection to her soul as well. I think the two characters work very well together.

Constantine can be a bit polarizing. How do the other members of the Waverider feel about him coming aboard?

One of the first scenes I filmed was John walking on to the Waverider and sort of taking control of the room. He just comes in and takes over and there are a number of funny reactions in that scene.

With all that he’s seen, is John that affected by the concept of time travel?

In his mind he thinks it’s going a bit too far. He’s a working class mage — he’s a street magician who will swear and cuss. He’s a man of the street. For him, he’s a bit bewildered by it.

Time travel is one thing, but do any of the crew balk when John drags them into this world of the occult?

Ray, who is such a scientifically-minded character, has a bit of a clash with John. John’s very forthwith when it comes to that stuff. There is magic, there are other worlds, and that’s just a norm for him while for everyone else it’s a big paradigm shift.

He’s not the best at easing people into that stuff.

No, not at all but that’s why we love him.

“DC’s Legends of Tomorrow” airs Mondays at 8 p.m. on the CW.