It was an emotional celebration for Tracy Morgan at the premiere of TBS’ new comedy, “The Last O.G.” The cast assembled at The William Vale in Brooklyn to celebrate the series as well as Morgan’s return to television after he survived a near-fatal 2014 accident.

“I’m glad to be back in front of my audience. I miss them. I love them,” Morgan told Variety on the carpet. “And I know what my purpose in this world is, to spread love and not throw anyone away. It’s all about forgiveness.”

After the screening, Busta Rhymes put on a special performance — which included hits ranging from “Pass the Courvoisier” to “Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Can See.”

During his performance, Busta Rhymes took a moment to honor Morgan. “I have been tremendously inspired by our brother, Tracy Morgan. I was genuinely afraid. I thought we was going to lose our bother,” the rapper admitted to the crowd and to Morgan, who was tearing up at the front of the room and leaning on co-star Cedric the Entertainer. Busta Rhymes continued, “He still makes us smile. He still makes us laugh. Bounce back, work hard, and make no excuses!”

Earlier on the carpet, the hilarious co-stars were gleeful when describing the show’s premise. Gentrification is the main subject of the six-episode TBS series filmed in Brooklyn, New York. Morgan, a New York native, weighed in on what he thinks about gentrification in his city. “Everything has to evolve,” he told Variety. “I think we should all live together.”

Co-star Tiffany Haddish was missed at the premiere, but her energy wasn’t forgotten with her fellow cast and crew weighing in on who they think Haddish may have seen bite Beyoncé on the cheek. “She didn’t tell me who bit Beyoncé, but I am writing the stage play, ‘Who Bit Beyonce On Ice,’” Cedric the Entertainer joked.

“The Last O.G.” premieres April 3 on TBS.