Hard Sun” star Jim Sturgess, who plays detective chief inspector Charlie Hicks, explained how a fight scene with co-star Agyness Deyn (detective inspector Elaine Renko) toward the end of the show’s first episode caused a delay in filming and almost left him with a broken nose.

“Agyness kind of took my face off with her Knuckle Duster,” Sturgess explained at the series premiere after party Wednesday night. “So we had to stop filming and pick it up a few weeks later. She was more upset about it that it than I was.”

According to Deyn, it was all about being authentic in the a pre-apocalyptic Hulu crime drama that follows two detectives as the world heads toward certain destruction.

“I wanted the fight to, of course, to look real,” she said. “I guess I took it a bit too far.”

The actress also wanted her character to feel real, which is why you won’t see her baring any cleavage, sporting perfectly coiffed hair or wearing stilettos during the season.

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“She can’t be wearing boots with heels when she’s having a fight,” Deyn said. “She’s not concerned if she wears the same clothes for one week straight. She’s in her own head and not concerned about that stuff.”

When it came time to write “Hard Sun,” creator Neil Cross found inspiration in ABC’s 1980s hit series, “Moonlighting.”

The hour-long romantic dramedy about private detectives Maddie Hayes (Cybill Shepherd) and David Addison (Bruce Willis), and their explosive chemistry really struck a chord.

“I wanted to do an anti-‘Moonlighting,’ where you’ve got the two leads and you know they aren’t ever, ever going to get together,” said Cross. “The idea was to put two people together who distrusted, feared and disliked each other, with good reason, and force them to work with one another.”

The “Luther” scribe also found a muse in David Bowie’s 1972 song, “Five Years.”

The song, about the realization of a doomed world, is featured during the show’s pilot and inspired the six-part miniseries’ setting — a world set to destruct in five years.

“The song is really joyful and uplifting because it’s actually about the value of today,” Cross explained. “Knowing it’s all going to end gives everything value.”

And that too is what “Hard Sun” is about: transformation rather than destruction.

“End of the world dramas are about the notion of us stripping away the things that are less important in our lives and getting to be our best self,” Cross says. “If you watch ‘The Walking Dead,’ you’re not a walker. You are Rick.”

Or at least that’s the fantasy.

“I’d be dead on the afternoon of the first day of the onset of apocalypse,” Cross joked.

Sturgess also admitted that he, too, might be out in the first 24 hours. “Xanax would be my appetizer,” he said.