The stars may be dressed in black in recognition of the #metoo movement, but this year’s Golden Globes menu will be a colorful medley of Italian flavors. The Beverly Hills Hilton’s chef Alberico Nunziata plans to celebrate the event’s 75th anniversary Sunday night with food that is “so colorful and so fun, a celebration.”

Nunziata, who is supervising the Golden Globes menu for the second time this year, was inspired by his own Italian heritage and by when, many years ago, the Golden Globes telecast transitioned from black and white to Technicolor.

“When I do something special, I do Italian,” Nunziata told Variety.

Before dinner, guests can sample the special Moët 75 cocktail created by Moet ambassador Jamie Chung. Chung chose Moët Imperial champagne for its fruity undertones. The cocktail also includes tequila, fresh-squeezed blood orange juice, and a touch of organic honey. “It’s not overwhelming. It’s kind of bright and wakes up your palate,” says Chung, who is looking forward to seeing Globes speakers stand up for what they believe during the show.

When guests sit down at their tables, a Delicata salad will await them, combining burrata cheese, frisee lettuce, and heirloom tomatoes topped with garlic flowers.

“You eat with your eyes,” reminds chef Nunziata, who promises the meal will be approachable and pretty. Long before Nunziata came to the Hilton, a Globes ceremony notoriously featured an appetizer of grilled frog, which one joking winner saved and brought onstage when he gave his acceptance speech.

The main course is sea bass with olive tapenade, accompanied by a medley of golden beets and Technicolor pink beet risotto with Parmesan cheese. “Nothing heavy, and everything is gluten free,” the chef explains, which should be appealing to the Hollywood crowd that sometimes prefers to circulate and chat instead of sitting down to an early supper.

Those who linger on the red carpet can nibble on snacks on the sidelines, out of sight of cameras and microphones. Vegetarians can choose mushroom risotto with teardrop roasted tomatoes.

The Italian-themed Efendi dessert from pastry chef Thomas Henzi, an 8-year Golden Globes veteran, includes a crunchy base of hazelnuts flown in from Piedmont, Italy; a coffee biscuit soaked in espresso; Frangelico mascarpone; covered in chocolate; and topped with a chocolate globe filled with sea salted caramel.

“We always come back to the chocolate,” says Henzi.