After waiting over a year for new episodes, fans of FX hit “Atlanta” will continue with “Atlanta Robbin’ Season,” which is much different but will still entice viewers, the writers say.

At the Downtown Los Angeles premiere of the sophomore season, the writers, executive producers, and director talked taking the series to another level. For starters, the format of animated ‘90s show “Tiny Toon Adventures” helped determine the structure of “Atlanta.”

Donald Glover, creator, writer, executive producer, executive music producer, and star of the series, said that he and brother Stephen Glover, executive producer and writer, grew up watching the “Looney Tunes.” Donald said it was specifically the film, “Tiny Toons Adventures: How I Spent My Summer Vacation,” that showed him how to split an idea into parts.

Donald said he enjoyed watching the episodes without needing to know any of the characters. “There’s something really special about short storytelling,” he explained. “So, we just wanted to make something where you could come in and watch these or you could watch them all as a whole and it’s still fulfilling.”

The narrative style also factored into the theme of “robbin’ season.” The title refers to an experience in impoverished areas during the Christmas season when the influx of money increases desperation and crime. Stephen said the writers had multiple ideas for stories they wanted to tell and “robbin’ season” encapsulated all of them. “It was just a good metaphor to kind of show what makes the city tick,” Stephen said. He also mentioned that the “Tiny Toons Adventures” helped develop the idea of not needing a linear story for everything to be tied together.

Paul Simms, executive producer, said the subject was proposed early on in the creation of the new season. “One of the first things [the Glover brothers] said is that, ‘We don’t want to call it season two.’” He continued, “We want it to be like an album. It has a different title, a whole different feel.”

Director Hiro Murai also mentioned the music simile. Referencing Kanye West, Murai said, “Last season was ‘[The] College Dropout.’ This season is ‘Late Registration.’” He said the group intended to make the content, funnier, sadder, and more surreal. “We just tried to construct something that felt more cohesive while maintaining the identity of the show,” he said.

“Atlanta Robbin’ season” airs March 1 on FX.