It wasn’t easy making Justin Lee’s third feature film “Any Bullet Will Do.”

The revenge Western was shot in five weeks in the snowy mountains of Montana, adjacent to Yellowstone National Park in very frigid conditions.

“There were days when it was negative five degrees outside and there was five feet of snow and we were in the middle of it,” pic’s star Jenny Curtis said at a New York screening hosted by the Robb Report’s Vices section.

The film, which is set in 1876 Montana, follows Hollis (Kevin Makely) and Rose (Curtis). Rose helps guide Hollis over a dangerous mountain path to find his brother, Everett (Todd Robinson) who murdered one of the family’s slaves after learning Hollis was in love with her.

Both Curtis and Makely spoke about making the film following the screening at the Crosby Hotel on Monday night.

“The joke (while we were shooting) was that there was no acting involved,” Makely said. “We were literally living it.”

Curtis also described how a particularly gruesome scene involving Makely, blood, guts and a bullet didn’t involve CGI.

“That was a prosthetic stuck to Kevin’s side that we put gunpowder on top of and lit,” she said.

“Several times,” Makely added.

In addition to being “freezing” for five weeks and lit on fire with gunpowder, Makely was also shot in the back with a blank (cartridge) and stabbed in the hand over the course of the shoot. But the thesp took it in stride.

“This role was a good change of pace for me as an actor,” he said. “To just be this miserable brooding, vulnerable kind of a guy (who) can blow your head off at any time was super fun.”

Makely said that he came to the project three years ago when he worked with Lee on a television series called “Ride the Lightning.”

“I was talking with Justin about Westerns over beers one day and then four days later I had the (“Any Bullet Will Do”) script in my hand.”

Sony Pictures Home Entertainment will release “Any Bullet Will Do” on September 4.

After the screening, old fashioneds and margaritas were served along with craft cocktails.