From the opening number to the final Emmy being handed out to “Game of Thrones,” there was a lot to take in throughout the three-hour telecast.

But there was plenty going on at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles that the cameras didn’t catch. Here’s everything you didn’t see on TV:

If you’re not in the theater when the show starts, you’re not allowed in until the first commercial break. Just ask Kirsten Dunst and Jesse Plemons, who were among the few dozen people who had to wait it out in the lobby before ushers opened the doors again. Also stuck outside was “Glow” writer and producer Sascha Rothchild. One couple pulled up the show on their iPhone so their young son could watch the opening.

Commercial breaks meant mad dashes to concession stands, where lines of people appeared to be a mile-long. “All I ate today were egg whites,” one woman said while in line. Her male companion replied, “It’s more than I had.”

Luke Evans grabbed some popcorn and a beverage, while “Silicon Valley” star Jimmy O. Yang offered a friend some nachos before going back to his seat. Yes, food and drinks were allowed in the theater. Upon returning to his seat, Yang took a selfie with his “Crazy Rich Asians” co-star Constance Wu.

Glasses of champagne went for — get ready for it — $30 a pop. That’s a glass, not a bottle!

Also seen at one of the two concessions on the lobby level were writer Larry Karaszewski, “Curb Your Enthusiasm’s” Jeff Garlin and Max Minghella of “The Handmaid’s Tale.”

Justin Timberlake was a perfect gentleman, waiting for Emmy-nominated “The Sinner” star Jessica Biel outside the women’s restroom before they went back into the theaters

Following Henry Winkler’s supporting actor win for “Barry,” a group of agents at Kaplan Stoller that used to rep Winkler when they were at ICM rose to give the TV legend a standing ovation. “He’s just the nicest guy,” one said. “We’re just so glad he won.” When Winkler cracked during his acceptance speech that his kids could go to sleep now, one woman laughed, “His son Max is like in his 30s.”

Kira Lewis, the wife of ABC exec Brian Morewitz, approached Elisabeth Moss in the bathroom. “You are the best and so is your show,” Lewis told “The Handmaid’s Tale” star. “Oh, thank you!” Moss responded.

Up in loge, a female guest burst into applause and let out a gleeful squeal following Alex Borstein’s win for best supporting actress for “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.” “I know her!” she said. “Alex used to go to my synagogue! Yay, Alex!”

At 6:11 p.m., the bartender at the champagne concession announces they are out of cups. This doesn’t go over well with the tuxedoed patrons pining away for champers. “Can’t you just sell me a bottle?” Asks one guest. “Water only!” the bartender snapped.

David Benioff, creator of “Game of Thrones” ran into an old friend in the lobby whom he hadn’t seen since they attended a sleepaway summer camp in Vermont when they were younger. “Great to see you, man!” Benioff said. “You going to the Governors Ball? See you there!”

Just before the winner of best variety series was announced, a chant of “Stephen, Stephen,” bellowed from the upper levels of the theater in support of nominee Stephen Colbert.

After Regina King took home a prize for her work in Netflix’s “Seven Seconds” and was back in her seat, Wanda Sykes walked over and knelt down to congratulate her. Sterling K. Brown couldn’t believe he was on stage when Oscar director Glenn Weiss proposed to his girlfriend during his acceptance speech. “That was amazing,” the “This Is Us” star said to his wife, Ryan Michelle Bathe, who said she cried during the proposal.

Jimmy Kimmel introduced his wife and writer-producer Molly McNearney to Tracey Ullman before the late-night talk show host had a chat with “Game of Thrones” author George R.R. Martin.

Milo Ventimiglia downed a chocolate protein bar during one of the last commercial breaks. Tiffany Haddish, with shoes, a drink and her Emmy in hand, chatted with Donald Glover. Down the front row, Javier Bardem took a sip of his drink as Penelope Cruz checked her phone before putting it back into her clutch.

james corden tina fey emmys lindt

Jenifer Lewis jumped out of her seat, as did Leslie Jones and Haddish, when “RuPaul’s Drag Race” was named outstanding reality competition series.

Backstage, presenters waiting for their turns on stage enjoyed some chocolates in the greenroom, renamed The Lindt Chocolate Lounge.

The theater seats were thinning out and the crowd by the concession stand was growing larger as the show inches along into hour three. One agent, who appeared to be enjoying the effects of multiple drinks, said to a group of other agents, “You guys want to skip the Governors Ball and go to the Palm?”

Malina Saval contributed to this report.