President Donald Trump delivered his first State of the Union speech Tuesday night, addressing infrastructure and immigration and touting the economy.

Much of Hollywood was not a fan of Trump’s speech, however, or elected not to watch it at all, and took to Twitter to express their contempt for the event or encourage their followers to direct their attention elsewhere.

Elizabeth Banks wrote that she “tried” but that the speech made her “throw [her] remote.” She added that “not all immigrants are in murderous gangs, one did my hair color today – I don’t really need to say this, right?”

Kumail Nanjiani kept it short, and simply tweeted, “not watching.”


Mark Ruffalo called out Trump for the way he addressed infrastructure, writing that “we need an infrastructure plan to create millions of jobs, not corporate wealth.”

Andy Cohen played on a widely circulated image of House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), in which she looks displeased with Trump’s words. “Nancy Pelosi’s stink eye is EVERYTHING!!!!!” he wrote.

Josh Groban wrote that “all these standing ovations (except for those honored) are dumb.”

Shonda Rhimes retweeted the Shondaland Twitter account, which encouraged its followers to “consider supporting candidates who will change the picture,” adding “THIS.”

Patton Oswalt took a humorous approach, retooling a “Mean Girls” quote to address Trump’s heavy emphasis of the MS13 cartel in the segment of his speech addressing immigration, writing, “Stop trying to make ‘MS13’ happen, Donald!”

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