Omarosa Releases Tape of Lara Trump Offering Her Post-White House Campaign Job


WASHINGTON — Omarosa Manigault Newman released another audio recording on Thursday in which Lara Trump, President’s Donald Trump’s daughter-in-law, is heard offering her a $15,000-a-month job on the 2020 campaign shortly after she was fired from her White House post.

Manigault Newman contends that she was offered the job in exchange for signing a non-disclosure agreement in which she would not say anything negative about the president, his family, or Vice President Mike Pence and his family. She declined the offer.

“It sounds a little like, obviously, that there are some things you’ve got in the back pocket to pull out,” Lara Trump is heard saying. “Clearly, if you come on board the campaign, like, we can’t have, we got to…”

Manigault Newman then says, “Oh, God, no.”

“Everything, everybody, positive, right?” Lara Trump says.

Lara Trump is heard telling Manigault Newman that the job would pay $15,000 a month and that it would occasionally require speaking engagements.

NBC News aired the recording. It said that it heard the full tape of the conversation and that the excerpts were in context.

Manigault Newman’s book, “Unhinged: An Insider’s Account of the Trump White House,” portrays the president in a state of mental decline, and also describes a culture of infighting at the White House. She was fired from her job in December. She also disclosed a secret recording she made of her meeting in the Situation Room with chief of staff John Kelly as he told her she was being dismissed.

Trump has blasted her memoir and called Manigault Newman a “dog.” Press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders also has criticized the book as “riddled with lies and false accusations.” She has also slammed the media for giving Manigault Newman a platform to promote it.