We’ve been flooded with celebrity get-out-the-vote spots this midterm season, to the point where Comedy Central even did a parody that still encourages people to get to the polls.

HBO and Rock the Vote unveiled what may be the last of these spots on Tuesday morning, in which Sarah Jessica Parker, Lena Dunham, Ed Harris, George RR Martin, Jeffrey Wright, and Henry Winkler appear to encourage viewers to get to the polls.

Carolyn DeWitt, the president of Rock the Vote, said in a statement, “Today, HBO actors want viewers to turn everything off, to stop watching and to go vote. It’s a powerful message you don’t typically hear from entertainment companies, but it goes to show how much is at stake in this election and how HBO believes in the power of each and every vote.”

HBO and Rock the Vote introduced a video in which the celebrities remained silent and the message was to register to vote, as part of a promotion for National Voter Registration Day in September. The network also has curated documentaries and news programming into a site called One Nation, Understood, which highlights issues important to voters this election cycle. They include immigration, gun violence, women’s rights and criminal justice reform.