WASHINGTON — Gonring, Spahn and Associates, the Los Angeles-based government relations, public relations, and philanthropy firm, is opening a D.C. office led by Kevin Ryan.

The firm, headed by Andy Spahn and Jennifer Gonring, has long represented clients such as Steven Spielberg and Jeffrey Katzenberg.

Ryan, who has been vice president of Gonring Spahn, is being promoted to partner.

“The Washington of today is so unpredictable and it’s more critical than ever that our clients have a foot on the ground and a seat at the table,” Ryan said. In an interview, he added that there is a greater interest among clients in what is happening in D.C. The firm also has clients involved in telecom issues, education technology, and green energy.

Ryan lived in D.C. earlier in his career, working for the Democratic National Committee, and Michael Dukakis and Lloyd Bentsen’s 1988 campaign, and also on the staffs of lawmakers — including as an aide to Sen. Pat Moynihan, and campaign manager and chief of staff to Rep. Anthony Weiner. He moved to Los Angeles in 2002 to serve as a consultant on the TV series “Mister Sterling.” At Gonring Spahn, he manages corporate accounts, and specializes in government relations, communications, and message development.

Ryan and his family moved back to D.C. last week.

“Having a constant presence in Washington, D.C. will better equip us to respond quickly and support our clients 24/7,” Spahn said.

“We work with principals in government, the media and in corporate and non-profit board rooms who are looking to deepen their impact,” Gonring added.