Chris Matthews was brought to tears during MSNBC’s coverage of the March for Our Lives rally on Saturday in Washington D.C.

After one of the Parkland survivors who was shot in last month’s deadly shooting threw up on stage, before returning with a smile to sing “Happy Birthday” to one of the victims, Matthews was overcome with emotion.

“What I love about it is the purity of it. It’s about one thing, safety for our kids in school,” he said, dabbing his eyes.

Watch the video below:

Sam Fuentes, the Parkland survivor who vomited about halfway during her speech, was consoled by another Parkland teen, and even laughed off the incident.

“I just threw up on international television and it feels great!” she exclaimed.

Matthews compared the day’s rally to the iconic Vietnam-Pentagon marches of the 1960’s.

“You don’t fake this stuff,” he said. “This is real emotion. And to sing happy birthday to one of the kids who were killed, it’s a showstopper.”