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Celebrities Bash President Before Christmas as #TrumpResign Trends

This holiday season, several Hollywood celebrities are adding a Trump impeachment to their list and checking it twice. Bette Midler and Barbra Streisand are among the Tinseltown figures who are speaking out against President Donald Trump and his policies, from the proposed border wall between Mexico, to his alleged treason by working with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The looming government shutdown is also on the minds of Hollywood figures such as George Takei, who joked that Trump might not realize he still needs to work if the government shuts down. Meanwhile, the hashtag #TrumpResign was trending on Twitter in the U.S. on Friday.

Midler, an outspoken critic of the Trump administration, tweeted, “All I want for Christmas is my prez in cuffs.”

“Trump is now planning to shut down the government at Christmas because his promise that Mexico will pay for the wall was a lie. He behaves like a petulant child instead of a president,” said Barbra Streisand, whose new album was inspired by her disdain for the president.

Mark Hamill was among some half a million people tweeting with the #TrumpResign hashtag.

Here are some of the other celebrities who have tweeted about Trump during the holiday season:

Rob Reiner

Chelsea Handler

Chris Evans

Alyssa Milano

Stephen King

Elayne Boosler

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  1. MMMM. we have comments like impeach the MF…but variety now wants to censor others…so hipocritical. What about free speech? Are you being told me DEMS what to allow and not allow on your commment site? If someone is a good candidate it won’t matter what’s said about them. They will still win. What are these people afraid of? Truth?

  2. Rachel yang……..
    This is nothing except a hate article.
    Where’s the article about the many many celebrities that support this country no the media is lies and propaganda hate medium. Persecution of truth.
    Shame on you for using the media to promote hate.

    • The wall was ordered over 40 yrs ago.
      After the Sept. 11 terror attack, President George W. Bush signed the Secure Fence Act of 2006 authorizing the construction of 850 miles of border fencing. It also called for more vehicle barriers, checkpoints and lighting to help the Border Patrol spot crossers.

  3. I love when libtards expose themselves as the vapid losers they have always been by trying to claim relevance for being haters. Real Americans laugh at your sad tantrums, pseudo-communists of the imaginary elite class.

  4. Trump is human garbage , a monster and a rabid dog and so are his maggot supporters . You kneel before a corrupt treasonous coward and get upset that celebrities want a better country . When the end comes for Trump will all of you join him in the drinking of the Kool-Aid ? Hopefully The Mango Mussolini will suffer the same fate as his namesake did .

  5. Merry Christmas Variety regular commenters, readers, article authors, editors, staff and mods! Hoping your holidays are as happy as mine. (Buzz-posting this from Saint Lucia in the Caribbean.)

  6. @Erik “Stop crying, snowflake. Second grade is going to be a challenge for you.”

    If that is your definition of what a mature comment looks like to the average Trump supporter then I got news for you! Your comment is just as bad as a second grader.

  7. @Erik “Nope. I haven’t seen either. Grow up. There’s a big beautiful world out there.”

    Yes..it is so beautiful that more and more law abiding Americans are going to experience climate change with millennials experiencing the recession for the first time in their lives since George Bush JR left office, with the Dow Jones continuing to drop affecting seniors 401 K. Trumps approval numbers should be going through the roof by now.

  8. @Erik “How do you know this, yellow snowflake?”

    How do I know Trump supporters are liars? It’s easy as soon as they say they are going to boycott something Trump disapproves of like Nike products, sells usually go up. And part of those sells some must also be coming from the lying Trump supporters.

  9. @MD “Enjoying Christmas alone, Dave? ”

    And speaking of alone, you can never leave your parents basement..huh since you have no actual friends, other than the Trump poster you jerk off every night before you go to sleep!

  10. @PR “Loser”

    If that is the most enlightened comment you can make then you are definitely more proof you are a proud McDonald’s worker who is living with your parents and like Trump allergic to reading books.

  11. @Erik “Maybe you’ll lose your job! Oh wait. You’d need to be smart enough to work at Burger King first.”

    And speaking of Burger King, and by reading your definition of what a mature comment is supposed to look like to the average Trump supporter flipping burgers at McDonalds is all you are really good at anyway.

  12. Looking forward to the Economic Slowdown being predicted for 2019. It’s pretty much the only thing Trump has for 2020, and it probably won’t be good enough to even get him the 2020 Republican nomination. Of course Russia will still be able to make these “commentators” come out of their coffins every Variety comment section. But they won’t have their Supplident to do their bidding much longer without his being able to take credit for a robust Economy.

  13. @George “If you had their success and money without finishing high school, you would have jumped on that. Don’t lie about that?”

    They are just angry and jealous since the celebs are not fake like the person they devoted their loyalty to! And speaking of which, some may be trolling for the Kremlin!

  14. @MD “’ll just take pleasure in knowing that each of every one of these celebrities will be alone this holiday season and DESERVE to be alone.”

    You would like to believe that, wouldn’t you! If they were alone then they would not have come out and blast Trump and his low IQ dominions. I have several friends who collect Stephen King books even till this day, how about you? And the only person who is going to be alone is Trump he is just as fraudulent and fake as the people who elected him. Everything he touches turns to poison as what happend to Ivanka;’s fraudulent clothing line.

  15. @MD “They are wastes of DNA.”

    And yet that is still not going to prevent a Trump tool like yourself from watching any of their movies and reading any of their books..right? I have a strange feeling you do not support Trump enough since I know for sure the latest Aqua man is going to break box office records, and you are going to be first in line.

  16. @Frank “Who are these people again.”

    Then you are either dense or a blooming idiot! I think everyone has seen Star wars and Captain America by now. Now you can complain about them since you are whiny bitch like Trump.

  17. @Tup “Interesting that all the celebrities commenting in the article are basically “has beens”.

    In other words, Stephen King, Chris Evans of Captain America and the Avengers are has been’s..right? Then you must have a very small mind to think they are has beens since it is the work that they are in and does gets carried for many years even after they had quit working.

  18. @Victor “We have and will refrain from watching the idiot box.”

    Do you really think that is all there is! Then you are a lot dumber than I thought since the list is more than that box indicates! As a matter of fact, anyone who is in movies, pretty much do not like or stand with Trump’s idiotic policies in which complains like a 5th grader. Oh..I forgot a 5th grader would have been civilized than Trump.

  19. @Victor “Life is beautiful, and these idiot celebs couldn’t care less about you and me. ”

    And Trump cares about you even more..right? Then you will always be part of the problem. What is Trumps approval ratings as of late? Something about the low 40s.

  20. @Victor “Maybe you should find something better to do with your time than cry about your president on chat boards.”

    If you want to interpret my comments as crying then you obviously do not know enough about me since you may call it crying but I call it educate and enlighten. Maybe you do not mind Trump deceiving a narrow minded dropout like yourself, but you can’t say the same about everyone else.

    Maybe you should find something better to do with your time than cry about your president on chat boards. Life is beautiful, and these idiot celebs couldn’t care less about you and me.

    “Life is beautiful, and these idiot celebs couldn’t care less about you and me. ”

    If life is so beautiful then please explain about the gov’t shutdown as well as the dow jones? And villainification of every other race other than white? Are you really this racist or are you tone deaf!

  21. Interesting that all the celebrities commenting in the article are basically “has beens”. It must be hard to be noticed long ago for talent and then finding a way to be noticed again by publically complaining about politics and current events. The problem is that they are just now seen as irritating pests by half the country, whereas had they not made the last ditch effort for relevance, they’d have faded out in an understated bow with some widespread respect/goodwill. So many can’t stand their faces now and they must pick that up on some level.

    • You missed the point of a facetious remark. ………
      treating serious issues with deliberately inappropriate humor; flippant.
      synonyms: flippant, flip, glib, frivolous, tongue-in-cheek, ironic, sardonic, joking, jokey, jocular, playful, sportive, teasing, mischievous; )………………..
      God blessed them with extreme talent.
      They’re ingrates for criticizing another for doing what he thinks is right.
      Happy holidays you ingrates with your gratuitous advice.

  22. @PR. You demonstrate your lack of intelligence and command of the English language. Can you come up with at least a semi-literate thought without using the words loser, lost, etc. You sound like Trump who kept saying we’d get tired of winning. So, when is that going to start? BTW, did you catch the 2018 Election Results?

  23. @Damon. There you go again! Can you count the number of investigations of Trump’s illicit and illegal activities. They’re adding up so fast, I can’t keep track of them. And you probably can’t count that high without taking your shoes off. And, the number will increase when the Dems take over the House on Jan 3 and we begin to hear what Nines has been trying to hide for the last 2 years.

  24. Stop the fed money going to CA the illegal sanctuary state. There’s your 30 b for the wall.
    30b per year goes to illegals in CA
    In CA they made it against the LAW !!!
    to ask if the applicants for handouts are illegal!!!!!
    What a bunch of dumbazzs spending our money ,
    Nancy!!!!! Chucki!!!!!!
    275 b every year in the US on illegals!!!!
    Nancy!!!!! Chucki !!!!! The anti Americans.

  25. Oh no they same old idiot has-beens are wetting their diapers again! Trumpy is so mean!!! He wants a border wall!!! Wahhhhhh! Well we just gave Central America billions, so STFU.

    • A million people living on the streets/vets throughout America and the dumbazzs give OUR money to sleeze all foreign crooked countries that steal it for the politicos !!!!!!
      When we should be building public housing for the last twenty years!!!!!!
      Where is it
      Nancy!!!!! chucki!!!!!! Dumbazzs.

  26. Remember when Obama told the Russians he would be ‘more flexible’ after the election? Remember when Hillary helped that Uranium One deal go through? Remember when Bill Clinton was getting paid big bucks to do speeches for the Russians? Wow, how the Dems seem to forget their own have been in Putin’s bed longer than anyone else.

  27. I want to tell you something there’s more jobs in this country now alot of people working now because of President Trump and he’s our president of the United States and you want to sit on here and bash him excuse me, if you don’t like our president then leave the country move what’s stopping you hell I even help you pack and make sure you get on that plane and fly the hell out of his country and never come back to the United States of America

  28. “Trump was eager to take credit for the stock market’s rise. Who will he blame now that it’s shitting the bed? THE DEMOCRATS!”

    This is a very excellent point and common trend made by Stephen King, the author who obviously reads more than the blowhard in chief, who with Trumps really huge ego probably claims there’s no one who reads no more than him.

  29. Before the Trump supporters complain and bash celebrities executing their constitutional right to express themselves. PLEASE refrain from watching any of their movies- don’t complain but just stop purchasing, watching, or listening to any of their products and music as they had “never” asked for your money in the first place. I am sure there are enough very entertaining pro-Trump videos on Youtube to last you a lifetime. Along with Fox News, Bretbart and InfoWars to Judicial Watch to Fox Nation.

    • Spoken by someone who wants to silence the free speech of people who don’t agree with him. For example, Dave Jordon’s family, who will have a wonderful Christmas and New Year’s without him around and stinking it up.

    • We have and will refrain from watching the idiot box. We have withheld our hard-earned money from going towards the box office. I’m ok with doing other things with my precious time than watching some idiot actors cry about Trump. Movies are extracurricular activities and are not essential to my life. Maybe you should find something better to do with your time than cry about your president on chat boards. Life is beautiful, and these idiot celebs couldn’t care less about you and me. So give up your blind faith to them. They’re worthless beings and contribute nothing to this country.

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