Kyle Frenette, the longtime manager for Bon Iver, officially announced he’s running for Congress in a new video that features the folk group’s song “Wisconsin.”

If he wins the Democratic primary in August, he would face incumbent Sean Duffy, a Republican who has held the seat since 2011 and, earlier in his career, appeared on “The Real World: Boston” and other reality shows.

“We have to give back. It doesn’t have to be music. It doesn’t have to be the arts. It has to be an opportunity,” Frenette says in the video, called “A Phone Call to Wisconsin.” “I’ve decided I am going to run for Congress because there is so much more that can be done with the right leadership.”

He says that “something has changed” since he grew up in the state.

“People around here have to work harder and harder, and they don’t have much to show for it.”

On Twitter, Frenette has criticized the tax reform bill that passed in December, and he also opposes the repeal of net neutrality.

After Duffy touted that 350 companies had announced raises, bonuses or 401(k) hikes for their workers after the tax bill passed, Frenette wrote, “In my book, short-term spikes are destructive vs. steady long-term growth. Patience is in fact a virtue, and greed is a powerful drug.”

He’ll face an uphill battle against Duffy. Cook Political Report rates the race as “solid R.” Duffy won the seat 61.7% to 38.3% against Mary Hoeft.