A man was arrested Friday for allegedly threatening to kill the children of FCC Chairman Ajit Pai following his vote to repeal net neutrality in December.

Markara Man, 33, of Norwalk, Calif., is alleged to have sent three emails to Pai in which he referenced the vote, sent a list of Arlington, Va., preschools, and sent a photo of Pai in which a family portrait could be seen.

“I will find your children and I will kill them,” he allegedly wrote in one of the emails.

Another email referenced a child who had allegedly committed suicide because of the net neutrality vote, and warned that “Their blood is forever on your hands.”

FBI agents were able to trace the sender’s account to Man, according to an affidavit. In an interview with the FBI at his home in May, Man acknowledged sending the emails and said that he did so because he was “angry and frustrated” over the repeal vote.

“They pretty much ignored, like, 80 percent of comments,” Man told the agents, according to the affidavit. “They ignored ‘us,’ and just didn’t care.”

The agents said that Man admitted to sending the emails because he wanted to “scare” Pai. He also provided the agents with a letter of apology to Pai.

“I’m sorry I made a threat against your kids,” Man wrote, according to the affidavit. “That was crossing the line. I hope you’ll change your mind on [net neutrality] but I doubt it.”

Man was charged with one count of threatening to murder the immediate family member of a federal official. He faces up to 10 years in prison if convicted.

Last November, Pai said on “Fox & Friends” that protesters had come to his house and held up signs referring to his children.

“I understand that people are passionate about policy, but the one thing in America that should remain sacred is that families, wives and kids, should remain out of it,” Pai said at the time. “And stop harassing us at our homes.”