U2 performed a pre-taped rendition of their song “Get Out of Your Own Way” during the 2018 Grammy Awards from a barge in the New York Harbor with the Statue of Liberty in the background.

Wrapped in warm clothes and backlit by a large screen with different peoples’ eyes flashing across it, the four piece Irish rock band sang, “Get Out of Your Own Way,” a song which could have been chosen for its lyrics, which are particularly relevant to the current political moment.

“I can help you, but it’s your fight, your fight,” Bono sang. “Fight back/Don’t take it lyin’ down, you got to bite back/The face of liberty’s starting to crack/She had a plan up until she got smacked in the mouth/And it all went south.”

At the end of the song, Bono took hold of a bullhorn with a stars and stripes pattern and shouted, “Blessed are the arrogant for there is the kingdom of their own company / Blessed are the bullies for one day they will have to stand up to themselves.”

The band also performed with Kendrick Lamar at the beginning of the Grammys. Lamar performed his collaboration with U2, “XXX,” and was joined by Bono and the Edge on stage before Dave Chappelle made a surprise cameo.

U2 has 46 Grammy nominations and 22 wins under their belts. They were last nominated for best rock album for “Songs of Innocence,” which became the center of controversy after it was automatically downloaded to millions of Apple devices.

The band is scheduled to go on their “Experience + Innocence” tour beginning in Tulsa, Okla. on May 2.