Taylor Swift announced on her Instagram account that she has donated to March for Our Lives, a movement started by the students of Parkland High School to end gun violence.

Swift, who typically doesn’t talk about political issues on her social media accounts, posted a picture of the March for Our Live banner. The caption said, “No one should have to go to school in fear of gun violence. Or to a nightclub. Or to a concert. Or to a movie theater. Or to their place of worship.

“I’ve made a donation to show my support for the students, for the March for Our Lives campaign, for everyone affected by these tragedies, and to support gun reform,” Swift continued. “I’m so moved by the Parkland High School students, faculty, by all families and friends of victims who have spoken out, trying to prevent this from happening again.”

The musician has long been an advocate for feminism. She spoke up last year as a member of the #MeToo movement after she won a court case against a Denver radio DJ who she claims groped her during a meet and greet in 2013. Swift joins many celebrities who have voiced their support of the Parkland’s students.

The March for Our Lives demonstration will occur in Washington, D.C. on March 24. There will be 830 marches around the world in cities such as Los Angeles, New York, and Chicago where celebrities will give speeches and performances.