Solange’s New Album Coming This Fall

New article says the album is likely to arrive later this year with little to no prior notice.


Solange’s follow-up to her Grammy-winning 2016 album “A Seat at the Table” will be released within the next few weeks, according to an extremely enthusiastic profile of the singer in the The New York Times Style magazine. While no release date has been set, the magazine says the album “likely arrive into the world fully formed at some mysterious and unexpected moment, like a meteor cratering into the culture. But she will not be rushed.”


The article and interview include some details on the album. “There is a lot of jazz at the core,” the singer says. “But with electronic and hip-hop drum and bass because I want it to bang and make your trunk rattle.” It was recorded in New Orleans, Jamaica, and California’s Topanga Canyon with members of the band that toured with her behind “Seat at the Table.” The singer revealed earlier this year that she’s been working with producer Steve Lacy, a member of The Internet who has also collaborated with Kendrick Lamar.

However, according to the article the album is still a work in progress. “I like to be able to tell the story in 13 different ways, then I like to edit,” Solange said of her process.

The article paraphrases Solange, saying, “The record will be warm, she says, fluid and more sensual than her last one.”

Among other performances behind “A Seat at the Table,” Solange performed an elaborate dance/performance-art piece called “In Ode to” around the album’s songs at New York’s Guggenheim Museum that featured approximately 100 dancers. A similar but less complex staging was taken on tour, including dates at the Hollywood Bowl and one with Frank Ocean at New York’s Panorama Festival in the summer of 2017.