‘SNL’: Miley Cyrus Joined by Mark Ronson, Sean Lennon for ‘Happy Xmas (War Is Over)’

The performance was introduced by Pete Davidson.

Miley Cyrus & Mark RonsonMiley Cyrus

The last “SNL” of 2018 was one of reflection and hope, and that included the final song by musical guest Mark Ronson and Miley Cyrus — a rendition of the John Lennon classic “Happy Xmas (War Is Over)” on which the two were joined by Sean Ono Lennon. The song’s lyrics, “And so this is Christmas / And what have you done / Another year over / A new one just begun,” offered a fitting bookend to a tumultuous year.

The performance was introduced by “SNL” cast member Pete Davidson, who had drawn public concern after a series of social media messages he posted earlier in the day, one of which noted that he “really [didn’t] want to be on this Earth anymore.” The message was shared by many of his famous friends and colleagues, who sent their well-wishes to the comedian and also pointed out that Davidson has been very open about his struggle to be mentally healthy (he revealed a borderline personality disorder diagnosis last year). Davidson did not appear in any sketches during the December 15 episode.

Cyrus and Ronson appeared together on stage twice that night. Earlier in the show, the two were accompanied by a string section for their latest single, “Nothing Breaks Like a Heart.” The song has a  “Jolene”-like Americana vibe and, as Cyrus had described during an appearance on “The Howard Stern Show” earlier in the week, she was drawn to it because of the timeliness of its message. “What have we done? Are we doing enough? Are we actually active? … We’re the next generation to encourage people to fight for the change we want to see,” said Cyrus, who also revealed to the SiriusXM host that a recording of “Happy Xmas” was scheduled for New York’s Electric Ladyland studios, where John Lennon famously made a vocal cameo on David Bowie’s “Fame.”

Watch Cyrus and Lennon perform “Happy Xmas (War is Over)” below:

23 responses to “‘SNL’: Miley Cyrus Joined by Mark Ronson, Sean Lennon for ‘Happy Xmas (War Is Over)’”

  1. Dbuk says:

    Are Sean Lennon or Mark Ronson actually playing their guitars?

  2. eht--%/%--eht says:

    SPOOK on a project

    Over–produced and over promoted – – -WASTE of TIME.

  3. eht--%/%--eht says:


    Are there ANY non–FTMs allowed before the cameras ? – – -ANYWHERE ?

    GENOCIDE via ‘replacement’ – – is –still— GENOCIDE.

    And MAO smiles and checks her watch – –in this, the 11th HOUR.

  4. sandra says:

    ‘Miley’s voice just didn’t work for me on this song. She is just too pop for this song and I found her voice irrational as it seem she was too loud. I do not think this style works here. I have heard re-mixes of songs that I like, but this is not one of them☹️

  5. Leslie Knott lll says:

    Miley knocked it out of the park!!How fitting Pete introduced Musical guests and how freaking awesome Sean made an appearance!!!! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!

  6. gmmchu says:

    First song of the night was good, I actually liked it.
    But Miley was simply terrible with Happy Christmas. Her voice was simply irritating as she oversang, making it just a terrible rendition of a forgettable Christmas song.

  7. Dave says:

    She was terrible , screeching, ……
    So sick of these haters with their dopey messages.
    Stay home and shutup. Tell your dogs.

  8. dave t. says:

    haters will hate. miley’s performance was outstanding.

  9. Graham says:

    up to I saw the paycheck saying $7438, I have faith …that…my cousin was like truley bringing home money parttime at there labtop.. there moms best frend had bean doing this for only about 8 months and a short time ago cleard the mortgage on there mini mansion and bourt a brand new Honda. this is where I went..

  10. Dianna B. says:

    Beautifully done! Nice to see Sean as part of the performance!

  11. Mitch says:

    Very powerful singing voice from Miley. It kind of choked me up to see Sean Lennon there cuz I was thinking his dad should be there and his dad would have done the backup role to Miley. I just know he would!

  12. Nancy Osborn says:

    They didnt even introduce Sean Lennon, never had the camera on him and didt have his mike turned up!

  13. R Kimball says:

    Jesus! Miley way too loud! Would have been nice to actually be able to hear Sean and other vocals.

  14. old geezer says:

    Where are all the critics? Barely a mention anywhere how Lennon’s mic appeared off, could hear no guitar either. Was disappointing as a Christmas finale, seemed pieced together and underrehearsed, underproduced, ironic with Ronson at the helm. Famous faces do not necessarily equal famously good music. Sad.