Jimmy Iovine, UTA’s Blair Kohan, WME’s Rick Rosen Endorse Book by Rabbi Mark

"You Matter," out March 20, melds 12-step principles with spiritual tenets.

Rabbi Mark, Guru to the Entertainment
Justin Rosenberg

Rabbi Mark Borovitz, who has advised the likes of Apple’s Jimmy Iovine, UTA partner Blair Kohan, WME’s Rick Rosen and Lava Records founder Jason Flom, will release a new book on March 20.

“You Matter,” written by the former addict and con man who had a spiritual awakening while serving time in prison, is Borovitz’s third book and pulls from a 30-year career as Senior Rabbi at Beit T’Shuvah, a leading treatment center for drug and alcohol addiction based in Venice, Calif.

Written with award-winning law professor Paul Bergman, “You Matter” melds 12-step principles with spiritual tenets — the sort of life coaching that Borovitz has provided to scores of entertainment executives. Indeed, testaments to Borovitz’s guidance accompany an announcement of the books release.

Says Iovine, who co-founded Interscope Records and Beats By Dre: “I was looking for someone to talk to. I had some things going on in my life. So a friend told me, ‘There’s a guy that I think you’ll relate to called Rabbi Mark.’ I love characters, because out of characters can come greatness, and he most certainly is a great man and a great character.”

Blair Kohan, a UTA partner and board member whose clients include Rashida Jones, Paul Rudd and Anna Faris, adds:“I probably wouldn’t be the mother than I am, or the friend that I am, or the daughter that I am. From the moment I met Rabbi Mark, I became a better person.”

“I had heard about him and he was unlike any Rabbi I had ever met,” says WME partner Rick Rosen. “He was by my side in the darkest hours of my life, when my wife was dying. He was my rock, a shoulder to cry on, and for that he has my eternal gratitude.”

“For nearly 30 years, I’ve worked closely with men and women in the grip of addiction and alcoholism,” says Rabbi Mark. “I’ve seen firsthand how certain principles of recovery — honest self-appraisal, forgiveness, acting selflessly, acceptance, gratitude — can release these people from their addiction and give them a path to living a healthy, meaningful life. … ‘You Matter’ is a step-by-step roadmap to a more fulfilling, satisfying and happier life.”