Musical guest Nicki Minaj broke out a guest rap in an unaired “Saturday Night Live” skit that starred Tina Fey, Aidy Bryant, and Kate McKinnon as a parody of sister-group Haim. Set in a nightclub, the premise of “Friendship Song” was about supporting friends by cutting down other people — an ex-boyfriend, a co-worker — and like most “SNL” parodies, this one was musically on-point, from Tina-Fey-as-Danielle-Haim’s trademark “Ha!”s to Aidy-Bryant-as-Este-Haim’s jerky bass moves.

At around the 2:30 mark, Nicki Minaj walks up and is brought in on the co-worker’s transgressions. “Oh girl, I don’t even need to know who it is,” Minaj says. “I’ll rip up her life, yo, kick the knife” and launches into a hilarious takedown.

“Let’s punch her in the face and take her jewels/ It’s May, you know we don’t play with those April fools/ You shoulda seen her face, I was me, Ady, Katie and Tina Fey… Ooh, ooh-ooh ooh ooh/ Honey, we caught the shade that you threw.”

While the skit was musically specific in a way that might have gone over the heads of many viewers, it was funnier than several of the sketches that did air.

The Haim sisters acknowledged the sketch on Twitter and Instagram:


Elsewhere in the episode, Minaj performed “Chun-Li” and a duet with Playboi Carti’s “Poke It Out.” Check out all three below.