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Arthouses at Home

Some mom-and-pop multiplexes are taking the unlikely step of launching "virtual cinemas" while theaters are closed that allow audiences to see first-tier films at home.

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  • 'Westworld' Season 3

    "Westworld" is the recipient of the most extensive, and jarring, reboot in recent TV history.

  • ‘Hillary’

    As a whole, Hulu's Hillary Clinton docu-series is a fittingly messy, compelling portrait of an equally messy, compelling person.

  • 'The Hunt'

    Craig Zobel's controversial thriller delivers an intense, over-the-top satire of partisan politics taken to its most dangerous extreme.

  • ‘Uncorked’

    In a lively tale of loyalty and wine passion, a young man follows his dream of becoming a Master Sommelier.

  • ‘Onward’

    Tom Holland and Chris Pratt are elfin teen suburban brothers who go on a quest in a Pixar movie that's pure product, but still fun.

  • ‘West Side Story’

    Ivo Van Hove dares to fiddle with perfection in this modernized but still respectful re-working of the 1957 masterpiece.

  • ‘The Visit’

    Tony Kushner's new adaptation, directed by Jeremy Herrin, isn't flawless, but it's a grand idea played out in a style rarely seen today.

  • ‘Unmasked’

    Though occasionally flawed, this theatrical take on Andrew Lloyd Webber's catalog is right on time after the movie flop of "Cats."

  • ‘Endgame’

    This starry production of two plays by Samuel Beckett makes for a surprisingly engaging, if not entirely successful, evening.






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