As Variety exclusively reported last month, a posthumous Lil Peep album is coming later in the fall: “Come Over When You’re Sober (Part Two),” the sequel to the late rapper’s 2017 debut studio record, is out Nov. 9 via Autnmy, a division of Access Records, under license to Columbia Records. The album is previewed with a video for a new song called “Cry Alone,” which was filmed in May of last year.

“It’s just what we all would have expected from Gus,” Peep’s mother, Liza Womack, wrote on his Instagram page. The video for the new song “Cry Alone” was filmed in May 2017.

Sources tell Variety that Peep, who died last November of a drug overdose at the age of 21, left behind a vast amount of material. During his lifetime, Peep released several mixtapes as well as collaborative EPs like “castles” and “CÅSTLES II,” with Lil Tracy. Recently, a posthumous collaboration with XXXTentacion was released.

“Come Over When You’re Sober Pt. 2” was produced and guided by Peep’s friends and collaborators, Smokeasac and George Astasio of IIVI, according to the announcement. “Gus was my best friend. Finishing COWYS2 without him is the hardest thing I have ever had to do. At times I didn’t want to finish it, some days it was just too hard to hear his voice and not have him right there beside me but when I got out of my own head, I could feel him there and that and his incredible fans are what got me through it. I really had no choice, it had to be done and I am proud of what George and I have done for Gus and his fans,” stated Smokeasac.

“After working with Gus on COWYS Pt. 1, it was a challenge for Dylan and I, professionally and emotionally to complete Pt. 2, but I’m so happy and proud that Lil Peep fans around the world will get to hear this album. I am forever proud of Gus and in awe of his immeasurable talent and vision,” added Astasio.

Womack said in the announcement: “‘COWYS Pt. 2’ is a powerful collection of songs. Once again, Gus’ lyrics tell it like it is. I knew it was going to be the album we wanted to hear when Dylan previewed a few of the songs for me this summer. Because Gus had such an indominable work ethic, and commitment to getting things right, we are blessed with another chance to hear his voice —interwoven with the production of two of his trusted music collaborators. I am grateful to them for shouldering through in order to finalize the work. I know it represents a labor of love. I am also glad that one of my favorite of Gus’ songs, ‘Life is Beautiful,’ that he originally wrote in 2015, is on here, too.”

Sarah Stennett, Co-Founder/CEO of First Access Entertainment added, “As Peep’s business partner and friend, I am very proud to share ‘COWYS Pt 2.’ I believe in the presence of his spirit and the enormous role he has played in completing the album, guiding all those involved. This album is much more than a great listening experience. It’s a body of work from one of the greatest poets and musicians of a generation.”

The tracklist for the album is below:

Come Over When You’re Sober, Pt. 2:

Broken Smile (My All)


Sex with My Ex

Cry Alone


16 Lines

Life is Beautiful

Hate Me


White Girl