In one of the more inspired interviews we’ve seen lately, noted vinyl crusader Jack White — who released his new album, “Boarding House Reach,” last week and performed tour-preview concerts in Los Angeles and New York — is shown on in a new video rifling through several items from various points in his career on the vinyl/CD auction site Discogs.com — and he and longtime friend Ben Blackwell, who runs White’s Third Man record label, have put together a fairly hilarious video wherein White pulls out each item from a bag and tells the story behind it. We won’t overly spoil the surprises, but White calls the exercise a “This is your life,” and while fans won’t find any White Stripes vinyl rarities on display, there are many key items for the group’s career — including a stompbox and White’s very first TEAC four-track recorder. Watch the video below.

For those seeking White Stripes vinyl rarities, Blackwell has assembled a detailed list of the 10 of “the most rare Jack White releases,” which, given White’s habit — nay, fetish — for releasing impossibly rare items, is beyond tantalizing for completists. In it, you’ll find a three-inch single from 2005 that you can only obtain first-hand from White, a picture disc you can only obtain first-hand from White Stripes drummer Meg White, a 7” released in 1998 in a limited edition of 15, another that was distributed only in 2012 via helium balloon launch, you get the idea. Check it all out here.