Alt-rocker Dean Ween is about to take the Mile-High City even higher.

The founder of the eponymous band with “brother” Gene Ween plans to open a marijuana-friendly concert venue in Denver dubbed Dean Ween’s Honeypot Lounge right near Coors Field, according to a report in the Denver Post.

The proposed venue’s COO Michael Polansky announced the plan at a city meeting on Monday, telling a reporter, “I think cannabis and music make total, total sense together.” Ya think?

Polansky plans for the venue to operate as a consumption site during the day, offering educational and wellness programs, while at night, it would book music, comedy, and film events. The group is hoping for a – you guessed it – April 20 opening next spring.

Ween – real name: Michael “Mickey” Melchiondo – once recorded a psychedelic B-side with the band dubbed, “I Smoke Some Grass (Really Really High).” The joke-rock alt band is known for songs like “Help Me Scrape the Mucus Off My Brain,” “Waving My D–k in the Wind,” and “Bananas and Blow.”

Due to local Colorado laws at this point, the audience would probably be restricted to vaping and edibles, since smoking indoors in public places remains illegal, though Denver voters did approve a “social consumption” permit program in 2016, which has so far resulted in a single location where smokers can indulge inside – a coffee shop attached to a dispensary. An arcade with a dispensary, Vape and Play, hopes to open in Denver after the first of the year.

The Honeypot group has yet to apply for a permit, but plans to do so, according to the Denver Post, which added, “they will need neighborhood support.”