Hip-hop collective Brockhampton has signed with RCA Records, home to Justin Timberlake, Pink and Sza, the group announced via social media on Friday.

The musicians, known for popular tracks like “BLEACH,” “SWEET,” and “GOLD,” released their latest album, “Saturation III,” under Question Everything, Inc. with distribution by Empire. They were also previously signed with Fool’s Gold Records. RCA is a subsidiary of Sony Music.

The social media announcement included an image of the RCA logo in black with “Brockhampton” overlaying it in red scrawl. A small font at the bottom reads, “As of March 30th 2018, Brockhampton will be artists under a recording contract for RCA records.”

Brockhampton member Kevin Abstract also took to social media individually to comment on the news, reassuring fans that the label change would have no drastic effects on their musical approach and sound.

“Nothing changes we still in this living room making songs making out and all of that rca just gon help us push this gay agenda,” Abstract tweeted from his personal account.

Abstract also retweeted the group announcement from the brand account, calling it a “new era.” Other members of Brockhampton include Ameer Vann, Merlyn Wood, Dom McLennon, Matt Champion, Russell “Joba” Boring. Their latest “Saturation” release was the final of the “Saturation” trilogy, a series of albums the band debuted between the months of June to December 2017.