While there are several guest appearances on Kanye West’s new album “Ye,” New Jersey-reared 070 Shake — a.k.a. Danielle Balbuena — is arguably the breakout star thanks to her appearance on the song “Ghost Town,” which many critics have called the set’s best.

Today she dropped a video for the song “TK,’ a highlight from her recent EP “Glitter,” released on West’s G.O.O.D. Music label (via Def Jam), with which she signed last year. The “070” is connected to her local crew.

Shake dropped her first single “Trust Nobody” in 2016 and followed with “The 070 Project: Chapter 1” and several singles. She also appears on Pusha T’s recent track “Santeria” as well as “Violent Crimes” from “Ye.”

While Shake shines on “Ghost Town,” many critics, including Variety’s Andrew Barker, feel the song could have used more time in the lab. “If West decides to reprise his ‘Life of Pablo’ policy of continuing to tweak the album even after its release, here’s hoping he gives a little more attention to ‘Ghost Town,’” Barker wrote, “which offers an overabundance of promising musical ideas that could have used more time to marinate. Filled to the brim with overdriven electric guitars, gospel organs, and notably unpolished vocals from Kid Cudi and emerging New Jersey singer 070 Shake, it’s the type of composition that 2010-era Kanye would have cleaned up into a radio-conquering hit, though its rough edges and free-associative structure do have their own charms.”