There aren’t many props in the Off Broadway political drama “Kings.” Among the most significant? Two margarita glasses, size XXL, from the restaurant chain Chili’s.

But don’t ask Gillian Jacobs, the “Love” and “Community” star now appearing in “Kings” at the Public Theater, how her cocktail tastes. “I don’t drink, so I’ve never had a margarita,” she says on the latest episode of Stagecraft, Variety’s theater podcast.

“But there’s a lot of gatorade on stage,” notes Thomas Kail, the “Hamilton” director who also staged “Kings.” He’s referring to the bright green liquid that plays a margarita onstage.

I realized I heartily gulp the margarita and I did think last night, ‘Does someone drink a margarita like this?'” Jacobs continues. “I get so thirsty!”

In the episode, Jacobs also talks about the final season of “Love,” the Netflix show in which she stars, and how her recent screen work in stories centered on romance made her heady stage role in “Kings” especially appealing. She also observes that after doing improv-based work in “Love” and “Community,” she’s back onstage with a new affinity for improvising.

Tommy likes to point out what a ham sandwich I am in the first Chili’s scene, where I really ‘make a meal’ of eating the fajita,” she says. “I guess I have more of those instincts now than I did 10 years ago.”

Kail talks about what’s next for him on stage — including the production of “Hamilton” that will launch in San Juan in January — and also prods Jacobs into revealing the list of big-name writers and creatives she’s half-jokingly requested that Kail get in the theater to see “Kings.”

Top on the list: “Wolf Hall” novelist Hilary Mantel. “I love your work,” Jacobs says. “I’m reading your book backstage.”

“Hilary, we’ll see you there,” Kail cracks.

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