Wintry weather — including a storm that caused power outages in the New York City environs over the weekend — helped push down the Broadway box office for a lot of big titles on the boards last week. But the return of Bruce Springsteen, and the addition of four new shows to the lineup, kept overall sales steady.

Among the titles that often attract the tourists mostly likely to be kept away by crummy weather, there were dips of hundreds of thousands of dollars, with musicals like “Wicked” ($1,375,941), “The Phantom of the Opera” ($733,405) and “School of Rock” ($568,211) slowing by more than $300,000 apiece. “Aladdin” ($1,236,990), “Anastasia” ($718,266) and “SpongeBob SquarePants” ($554,158) each declined more than $200,000. Most individual productions posted week-to-week declines.

But Broadway’s cumulative total for the week barely budged, compared to the previous week. That’s because the Boss returned from hiatus to add “Springsteen on Broadway” ($1,915,878 for five performances) to the weekly total, while previewing new additions to the boards — a promising start to “Carousel” ($702,387 for five), plus initial shows for star-driven plays “Lobby Hero” ($261,326 for six) with Chris Evans and “Three Tall Women” ($283,296 for four) with Glenda Jackson and Laurie Metcalf — kept Streetwide sales afloat. Another previewing title, “Frozen” ($983,535 for five), added some significant coin to the pot, while “Angels in America” ($631,276 for five) also gained some steam.

Overall Broadway sales rang in at $26.3 million for 30 shows, with total attendance off by about 7,000 to 224,980, or 83% of overall capacity.