‘Yakuza’ Studio Reveals New IP ‘Project Judge’

'Yakuza' Studio Reveals New IP 'Project Judge'

Yakuza” developer Ryu Ga Gotoku Studios is back with a new IP: “Judge Eyes: Shinigami no Yuigon.” It’ll be making its way westward in 2019 under the current working title of “Project Judge” in English.

Much like the “Yakuza” series, it’s a mature drama set in modern-day Japan, though fans will be stepping into the shoes of a former lawyer who’s chosen to walk the path of a detective. Protagonist Takayuki Yagami, portrayed by Japanese mega-star Takuya Kimura, takes on his new role after a shocking betrayal from one of his former clients.

With a tarnished reputation that paints him as a lawyer who lets criminals run free in the world, he’s pushed out of his legal career and must unravel the mysteries behind a confusing serial murder case if he wants to erase the shadows of his past.

The new IP was announced Monday during Sony’s pre-Tokyo Game Show event, with footage of cinematic events in-game and a look at how its mechanics will be shaped. Much of the title’s main components will play similarly to “Yakuza,” but there are new exploration elements and clue-collecting mechanics as well as stealth elements thrown into the mix now as well.

Of course, it will also feature a collection of engrossing mini games, just like the “Yakuza” series is known for – Yagami will obviously need a break from all his thrilling detective work from time to time.

“Project Judge” is releasing on Dec. 13 in Japan on PlayStation 4, with a demo out on the Japanese PlayStation Store today. Western gamers will get their hands on the title in 2019, though it will be released under a new title when it finally does make its English-language debut.