Microsoft continues to work on its all-you-can play subscription service Gamepass, developing new ways to make games easy to play as you download and expanding the library, Xbox software engineering manager Ashley Speicher said during Microsoft’s E3 press conference Sunday afternoon.

The company is working on something called FastStart which leverages machine learning to grant gamers faster access to all of the games in the Gamepass library, she said. The new technology will launch with the June update coming later this month.

She also went through a number of games coming to the subscription service later this year including ‘Halo Master Chief Collection,” “Forza 4 Horizons,” “Crackdown 3” and more, all coming on the same day as their global releases. In terms of third-party games, she noted that “Ashen,” “Warhammer Vermintide 2,” “After Party,” and “Pheonix Point” will all hit same day as global release on Gamepass.

And today, she concluded, “The Division,” “The Elder Scrolls Online Hammerfell,” and “Fallout 4” are all now playable through the service.