Xbox Game Pass will come to PC in the future, according to Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft.

Xbox Game Pass is a monthly service that costs $10, and provides players with access to more than 100 games available via download.

During the Microsoft fiscal year 2019 first quarter earnings call, held Wednesday, Nadella expressed the importance of expanding how the company reaches gamers, calling the “loyal, high-value community” Microsoft’s strongest asset.

Indeed, gaming revenue was impressive for Microsoft this quarter, increasing 44% year-over-year. Xbox software and services alone contributed a 36% increase, and that increase can be attributed mostly to “third-party title strength” according to Microsoft’s Earning Release for the first quarter.

“The thing that I’ll say is most critical when you think about gaming is having a platform where the gamers are already there,” Nadella said. “That means you need to have a platform that has a community around it and monetizes well.”

Nadella refers to this as the key to Xbox’s success, and wants to increase the strength of Microsoft’s gaming community.

“We are going to make sure that we keep increasing the strength of the community. You see that already with ‘Minecraft’ going to all platforms and that increasing the intensity of the community, and you’ll see us do more of that,” Nadella said. “Obviously, bringing Game Pass to even the PC is going to be a big element of that. And then streaming is just a natural extension of that.”

Nadella was referring to the upcoming Xbox streaming service, Project xCloud, which could expand game offerings to users.

While we don’t have an anticipated date for when PC users can expect their own Game Pass to come out, this will certainly be in line with Microsoft’s goal to unite the gaming community across its platforms, a goal shared by Phil Spencer, head of gaming.

In an interview with Variety in June, Spencer hinted at the possibility of what we now know will come to fruition.

“We’re not announcing anything here,” Spencer said. ”But the path for taking a service like Game Pass and bringing it to PC is a natural pass.”