Microsoft’s Windows Mixed Reality for SteamVR is improved, out of beta, and available to the public, allowing anyone who installs the Windows 10 April 2018 update access to the program, Valve announced this week.

Windows Mixed Reality essentially acts as a virtual home. Users can access a library of programs – using a compatible virtual reality headset of their choice – in what appears to be a living room. You can customize your surroundings to your liking and include menus to your desired programs in the virtual world, allowing you access to these applications without removing your headset. Valve launched the SteamVR beta version to test its compatibility with Windows Mixed Reality back in November 2017.

Valve shared an update about the program on the Steam site, revealing its team implemented new fixes and features for the Windows 10 update. According to the post, there have been significant updates added to SteamVR for Windows Mixed Reality to improve performance and stability of the motion controllers. The April 2018 update also featured a performance boost that includes less RAM consumption for VR videos and access to a new Skyloft environment for the Cliff House users can set up.

There are currently 422 games available in the Steam Store that support Windows Mixed Reality. Valve also assured users they would continue to regularly update SteamVR with fixes and new features for Microsoft’s platform. The goal is to make all Steam games compatible with Windows Mixed Reality.

What makes Windows Mixed Reality different from other VR platforms is you don’t need trackers or cameras for compatible headsets to track movements, according to Rolling Stone. The technology recognizes where you are spatially without external peripherals, making the set up for the VR headsets simpler and more portable.