Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment acquired Plexchat, a communications platform for mobile games, it announced on Wednesday. With it, the company hopes to elevate the social experience within its growing catalog of Android and iOS titles by integrating enhanced community features and chat capabilities.

Plexchat was founded in 2015 to provide mobile games with a dedicated community platform, one that leverages the unique aspects of a smartphone.

“Nurturing the connective tissue between players and mobile games has always been the prime focus for Plexchat,” Plexchat CEO and co-founder Shawn Foust. “Being a part of Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment will allow us to continue to do just that — this time armed with even greater resources and access to the most coveted intellectual property in mobile games.”

Foust will join WB Games San Francisco in the newly created role of vice president of central product management. He’ll now be responsible for “overseeing the vision of the mobile chat platform, identifying market opportunities, and implementing industry-leading practices.”

“Shawn and team bring tremendous social expertise in the mobile gaming space, which allows us to grow our chat capabilities for our slate of mobile games,” said WBIE executive vice president of worldwide production and studios Steven Chiang. “Advancing the social aspect of our mobile games in order to deliver the best experience for our players is a top priority for us.”

Some of WBIE’s mobile titles include the recently released “Harry Potter: Hogwart’s Mystery” and “Westworld.” The latter is currently the subject of a lawsuit between WBIE and Bethesda, who claims it’s a “blatant ripoff” of its mobile sim game “Fallout Shelter.”