A YouTube channel (unfortunately) named 88 Rising published a compilation video on Sunday of rappers attempting to save a cute puppy in virtual reality. Kotaku spotted the footage and it’s as filthy and fun as you’d expect.

(Seriously, it’s filthy. Extremely NSFW. You’ve been warned.)

The musicians are brought into a studio full of green screens and strapped into a VR headset. Then, they’re tasked with rescuing an adorable cartoon pug that’s sitting on a beam atop a skyscraper. They’re never in any real danger, of course, but their brains don’t know that. It probably also doesn’t help that some of them are, as one puts it, “High as #$%&.” A lot of cursing ensues.

“I’m off the Percocet, y’all about to give me a heart attack,” said Wifisfuneral as he surveys his virtual surroundings. “Dude, I feel like Spider-Man. It looks like we’re in New York right now.”

“This is amazing!” said Saint Jhn. “Nobody could keep me from that dog. From DMX, my little dog. I rescued that! This ain’t virtual reality, it’s compassion.”