Microsoft will hold a special edition of Inside Xbox on Tuesday for Gamescom 2018, according to the official Xbox site.

It will stream on Xbox’s official YouTube and Twitch pages, as well as Microsoft’s own streaming platform, Mixer. But why go to any of those places when you can watch it right here on Variety?

The Inside Xbox stream kicks off Aug. 21 at 7:30 a.m. PT. Too early for you? We’ll cover all the highlights right here on Variety.

Microsoft is foregoing a formal press conference in favor of the more casual livestream.

“Our gamescom content will include the latest on ‘Forza Horizon 4,’ ‘Sea of Thieves,’ and ‘State of Decay 2,’ plus breaking news, exclusive interviews and never-before-seen content for many other games,” the official news release from Xbox states.

It’s unclear what exactly Microsoft will reveal about “Sea of Thieves,” considering it just released the Cursed Sails update earlier this month.

“State of Decay 2” similarly received a big update earlier this summer, aimed at fixing bugs that were reportedly game killers. Perhaps it’s time for some new content?

A “Halo” inspired mission will reportedly be in “Forza Horizon 4” when it comes to Xbox One and PC this October. Perhaps Microsoft will give more details for this new level?

Gamescom runs from Aug. 21 to 25, and we’ll be covering all of the news from the largest European gaming event right here on Variety.