‘Warframe’ Introduces Two New Upcoming Expansions With ‘Fortuna’ and ‘Railjack’ Announcements

‘Warframe’ Introduces Two New Upcoming Expansions

TennoCon, the “Warframe” expo held in celebration of the popular free-to-play title from Digital Extremes, showcased a massive amount of new information regarding additional content coming to the game.

Aside from announcing that the title would be coming to the Nintendo Switch by way of studio Panic Button, developer and publisher Digital Extremes let loose a swath of new information about what’s next for “Warframe,” including a new faction and world to explore with the “Fortuna” expansion.

“Fortuna” will take players to an open world environment settled on Venus and will introduce a brand new faction known as Solaris United. Solaris United is comprised of cyborgs who have made their home in the “‘Blade Runner’-esque Debt-Internment Colony,” and they’ll be a major part of Fortuna’s new slice of “Warframe” lore continuity.

Much like the hub city of Cetus as seen in the previous “Plains of Eidolon” expansion from November 2017, Fortuna will serve as a similar open world area that players can explore in between missions. It promises to offer some unique visuals in terms of “seascape flora, giant mushrooms, alien rock formations, rare creatures, and more.” The trailer highlights a cyberpunk aesthetic for Fortuna, with cool pastel hues punctuating the industrious cyborgs working away deep in the heart of the city, as well as some menacing creatures that players will need to contend with while exploring the landscape.

The underground colony area will give way to the surface of The Orb Vallis, and will also introduce the new Bondi K-Drive, a single-player hoverboard that should make zipping from point A to point B a much quicker affair. Interestingly enough, while players survey everything Fortuna and the Orb Vallis has to offer, they can work toward luring, tracking, and capturing the animals of the world to save them from going extinct. The wide variety of tasks players can explore in “Fortuna” will be coming to the game this fall, though there’s no current concrete release date beyond that.

“Fortuna” isn’t the only place fans will be transported to in the coming days, however. A second expansion, “Codename: Railjack,” is also on its way in the next year or so, and will elevate players from Venusian landscape into the stars. “Railjack” will be introducing space combat, allowing players to pilot their own spaceship and take part in frenetic space battles. “Warframe” fans can fly solo or invite up to three additional friends to board their own warships and take to the stars for full PvE combat. It’s an ambitious direction for the free-to-play game, and a particularly intriguing addition that  allows for even more freedom to explore the game’s open world.

Aside from the two new expansions and Nintendo Switch release of “Warframe,” Digital Extremes also announced the new Codename ‘Revenant,” an Eidolon-themed frame, as well as codename ‘Garuda,’ a “gory” frame that enjoys “playing with” her prey.

If you’re interested in trying out “Warframe” ahead of the new content’s debut, it’s currently available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. If you’re interested in cross-play, however, that’s a feature that’s currently on the backburner, though the Digital Extremes team is looking into making it a reality in the future.