A voice actor working on Insomniac’s “Spider-Man” game accidentally revealed that a classic Spidey villain makes an appearance, according to Eurogamer.

(Spoilers, obviously.)

Chris Jai Alex plays Rhino in the game. He’s also the voice of the multiplayer announcer in “Call of Duty: Black Ops IV.” During a recent interview with YouTuber Drift0r, he talks about the challenges of creating a certain fight scene because all of the villains scale differently, and he mentions the name Doctor Octopus.

Drift0r’s video is gone now, but the internet never forgets. You can watch a clip below.

Doc Ock’s inclusion in the game makes sense. He’s a popular character and founder of the Sinister Six. In Sony’s E3 2018 Showcase “Spider-Man” demo, we see the webslinger take on five villains in the Raft — Electro, Rhino, Scorpion, Vulture, and Mister Negative. A mystery sixth villain turns up at the end of the video. Now, we know who it is.

Voice actors have a long history of accidentally letting things slip about the games they work on. They’ve leaked the existence of new “Hearthstone” cards, a “Devil May Cry” sequel, and more. It’s enough of a problem that publishers will sometimes hire voice actors for roles and not tell them what they’re working on. That apparently happened to Keythe Farley, who played Kellogg in “Fallout 4.” He worked on the role for a year and a half without knowing what game he was working on, according to Motherboard. Bethesda refused to tell him.

“Spider-Man” comes out exclusively on PlayStation 4 on Sept. 7.