A series of images leaked to Imgur suggest that Valve is producing a virtual reality headset, Eurogamer reported Sunday.

While this story is still unconfirmed, the images, originally spotted by Upload VR, do look convincing. A monitor pictured in the background of one of the images shows the date as July 25, 2018.

So are these headsets the real deal? While we can’t say for absolute certain, the images certainly look convincing.

The Valve logo is very clearly visible on the circuit boards of the headsets (see below), and has two clearly visible cameras at the front as well, suggesting a wide field of vision will be possible, according to Eurogamer.

The padding shown on the headset also looks similar to padding on Valve’s Knuckles EV3 VR finger tracking controllers (pictured below).

Valve partnered with HTC a couple of years back to release the Vive VR headset, but this would mark a new beginning for the company if it really is producing its own VR headset.

The rumors don’t end at VR hardware though— Valve is also rumored to be working on a “Half-Life” VR game, sources tell UploadVR. Sources say that the title will be a prequel rather than a long-anticipated follow-up. So, “Half-Life 3” remains unconfirmed.

Still, a “Half-Life” game would certainly be worth the time and cost it takes to produce its own VR headset for Valve, considering the dedication of the fanbase.

Valve did not respond to Variety’s request for comment.