Valve is going to start moderating reported discussion posts in all Steam game hubs starting Tuesday, Sept. 25, it announced in community post on Wednesday.

Once the changes take effect, reported discussion threads and posts will go into a queue so Valve’s moderation team can review them. Anything that violates Steam’s community guidelines will be removed.

“Don’t worry: We won’t be actively perusing your community discussions or posting in threads — you have your own voice and your own style of communication with players about your game,” Valve said. “We’ll only be communicating with players if it’s necessary when issuing a warning or ban for reported content.”

Valve said it was hesitant to moderate game discussions in the past because it didn’t want to step on the toes of developers. But, many developers say they actually prefer Valve taking a more active role in discussion boards. Anyone who wants to retain complete control over the content in their hub can opt out of the service, however, by visiting the Steamworks settings for their game.

Valve was in the news recently for its laissez faire attitude toward what games it allows on the Steam storefront. The company said it will no longer police games on the platform, allowing everything that isn’t “illegal or straight up trolling.” That decision came shortly after it faced backlash for trying to crack down on sexual content in some titles and shortly after it pulled controversial “school shooting simulation” game “Active Shooter” from the store. It also recently added filters for sexual content to the Steam store and approved its first completely uncensored game.