Valve’s digital collectible card game “Artifact” will make its first public appearance at PAX West, the developer announced on Wednesday.

Attendees can play the game during the convention and compete in a continuous, single-elimination gauntlet for the right to challenge a champion on the main stage, Valve said. Everyone who participates will earn “Artifact” merchandise, including signed artwork prints and two keys for free copies of the game when it launches in November.

“Artifact” is based on the characters and lore of Valve’s multiplayer online battle arena game “Dota 2.” Unlike other popular digital CCGs like “Hearthstone” or “The Elder Scrolls: Legends,” it leans heavily into its MOBA roots. It will ship with more than 280 cards, which players can buy and sell on the Steam Community Marketplace. Each deck has 40 cards and five heroes, according to PC Gamer. There are three lanes, and each one has a tower that needs defending. Each lane also has its own mana pool that starts at three and increases by one each turn. The match ends when a player destroys two of their opponents towers or one of the Ancients that spawn in their place.

“Artifact” is designed by Richard Garfield, the man who created the popular, long-running CCG “Magic: The Gathering,” “Netrunner,” and more. It comes out Nov. 28 on PC, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS and will cost $20 USD.

PAX West takes place Aug. 31 – Sept. 3 in Seattle, Wash. Currently, badges are sold out for every day except Monday, Sept. 3. Registration, schedules, and more are on the PAX website.