Cloud9 Esports’ “Counter-Strike: Global Offensive” team will be taking part in U.S. Air Force experiences thanks to a new partnership, according to a press release.

The U.S. Air Force will hold special events for the “CS:GO” team through May 2019, which Cloud9 will then present on the team’s monthly web series, also sponsored by the Air Force. The events are intended to give the players and their fanbase an inside look at experiential events that “only the Air Force can provide.”

The first event will be at Dobbins Air Reserve Base, in Marietta, GA. The “CS:GO” team will get to see a demonstration from the Explosive Ordnance Disposal Specialists.

Maj. Ross McKnight, chief of the National Events Branch at the Air Force Recruiting Service Headquarters commented on the content that will come about from the partnership.

“We are very excited to partner with Cloud9’s stellar ‘CS:GO’ players, who display the same level of discipline, rigor, and achievement that we value in our Airmen,” Maj. McKnight said. “The partnership will provide an opportunity to create engaging and relevant content in the esports space and to show Cloud9 fans some of the ways in which they can make a difference in the U.S. Air Force.”

Jack Etienne, owner, and CEO of Cloud9, commented on the unique experiences the partnership will make possible.

“By developing a dynamic partnership with the Air Force, we will be able to deliver extraordinary content that will show fans a totally different side of the team,” Etienne said. “No one else in the world can put our team into a jet and let our fans watch the sheer thrill come over their faces. It’s going to be amazing.”

Cloud9’s “CS:GO” team is the first North American team to win the Valve Major tournament.