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Watch First Trailer for Warren Spector’s ‘Underworld Ascendant’

Developer OtherSide Entertainment released the first trailer for “Underworld Ascendant,” the latest game from “Deus Ex” and “System Shock” developer Warren Spector and “Ultima Underworld” developer Paul Neurath. Check out the full trailer above.

“Ascendant,” the sequel to the 1992 computer game “Ultima Underworld: The Stygian Abyss,” sends players back to the titular abyss as an immersive sim – games with numerous systems responding to player actions and different approaches to objectives, such as sneaking around a guard or using items or elements in the world to incapacitate them. For this new game, Otherside has tapped top developers with history in the emergent sim genre, such as “Bioshock Infinite’s” Joe Fielder and “System Shock’s” Tim Stellmach, which are working on the game as writer and game director and lead designer, respectively.

Additionally, OtherSide revealed a developer diary where Joe Fielder, Tim Stellmach, and lead engineer Will Teixeira talk about what developing the game’s been like and how they’re working to intertwine the game’s systems to give players true player agency.

Originally founded by Neurath in 2013 as Cerulean Sky Productions, OtherSide’s spent its first five years as a company sequels and reimaginings of the emergent sim genre. Alongside “Ascendant,” the studio is developing “System Shock 3,” the third installment in the ground-breaking, highly-influential “System Shock” series.

Spector joined OtherSide in February of 2016, though he’d been working as an adviser for the company since its foundation. Spector brings one of the game industry’s best portfolios, having headed up development for entries in the “Deus Ex,” “Thief,” and “System Shock” series – games that’ve gone on to be highly-influential for developers such as Arkane Studios and Irrational Games.

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